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Thursday, January 29, 2009

OK, I know I haven't posted lately

bad me- I have soooo many pictures taken- but not edited! Let alone resized to put on the web. I am working full time and so busy in the evenings with the kids, going to Body Jam at the Gym, and trying to get some crafting done (I am making my first quilt- see my other blog I just can't seem to eek out any time to edit. So if you are following my blog- I promise- this weekend, pics of the kids in Matilda Jane are going up (if you are curious- If you are here in Austin- don't order off the site- I have having a trunk show on March 1st and your invited! I will post more details then. For now here is one picture to hold you for now- btw- pay no attention to the fact that I blew out Ari's face- I think this is a Mom goggles shot- I love this because they are all 4 looking! I love how Yael and Itai are positioned and I love that they are all looking and I love their outfits- Yay Denise for sending those to us!
and here is one I have on my work computer- the girls had just turned two.